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Me when I saw the new Mast update allows pasting images into new toots:

@VioletPixel @JPEG Definitely seeing that same behavior here as well. I’m also on a XR.

The Coral Cup’s texture is grown in a simulation of reaction-diffusion, a model of pattern formation that’s been used to explain the stripes of zebras and spots on fish #mastoart

I mostly love Mast but I still can’t share GIFs easily. Am I missing something? I just want to easily share or copy/paste from GIFwrapped.

Are you staring NaNoWriMo tomorrow? There's an episode of Originality for that, featuring former board chairperson @jsnell:

✨ Commissions are open!✨

⭐ Payment is upfront through Paypal.
⭐ Will do: OCs, blood/gore, humanoid/monster characters, non-sexual NSFW
⛔ No can do: mecha, bara, furries
⭐ Prices are subject to change with increased complexity of the piece.

Questions? Please ask!

You can contact me through DM or email at if you're interested!

Check out my portfolio for more examples of my artwork.

#mastoart #commissionme #commissions Just got to ep 12 of Upload/The Dent in my queue and the towel definitely worked. I’m enjoying the show and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on today’s event.

I know people think taking down the store is unnecessary these days, but perhaps they should have done a bit more checking before turning it back on.

Apple Event 

apple event 

Made our second batch of homemade pasta today. I really love the simplicity of taking flour and eggs and making something this good.

Loving the new phone so far. Forcing myself to use it two handed since I know that will be better long term. The coral is 😍

@mikah What color is Bobobob’s robe? I want to make sure my costume is canonical.

If you're a trans comics creator considering crowdfunding, I've got a free copy of my KICKSTARTER SECRETS how-to ebook for you. Use TransRightsAreHumanRights as a discount code at checkout. (Honor system - trans creators only, please!)

I just love getting a jumpstart on the day...not

Anyway, it's 5:11 and I have now unplugged the smoke detector, paid bills, and balanced my accounts.

My visiting family member's logic: The smoke detector outside my room is chirping, it only has one button, therefore I should press that button. At 4am.

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Part experiment, part longing for the days before Twitter went down the toilet.